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Monthly Retainer

Ongoing graphic support

You are not just a one-off project, and neither is your book or project. Whether we have already worked together on a cover for your book or on some other kind of project, you will most likely need some ongoing graphic/creative support for your marketing.

Knowing that you have a lump sum of time to use for a bunch of small updates and graphic needs is a lot easier than having to pay for a banner here, or a type change there.

These packages are ideal for someone who is ready to jump on their own marketing bandwagon, will know that they will want/need graphics for blog posts, promotions, social media, events, announcements, flyers, bookmarks, postcards, etc.

We can go month to month with this. You might need 8 hours of my time one month and then be set for a while with graphic materials. You decide. You'll be informed as to where you are with our time throughout the month so it can all be used up.

Billed on the 1st of the month.

4 HOURS - $200/MO 
8 HOURS - $400/MO
12 HOURS - $600/MO 

CUSTOM HOURS - $? (Choose your own)