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CUSTOM Logo Design — $350 USD

With a brief questionnaire I will send you, I will work with you to  understand the nature of your business and take into consideration any preferences you may have. Your visions and ideas have to be able to come to life so I can see what you see, and be able to bring all that into reality for you.

  1.  You will receive 3 to 5 concepts based on how
     you answer the questionnaire.

  2.  From those concepts I will work with you for up to three   rounds of changes/tweaks/fine tunings.

  3.  You will receive both low (72dpi) and high  (300dpi) resolution files of your complete logo,
    both with a background color and transparent. If you'd like the vector file I'll send you that as well.

  4. NOTE: Extra design changes that exceed 3 revisions will be an additional cost - charged by the hour ($50/hr).

An overall idea of the process of creation is listed below.

What exactly IS a "logo?"

A logo is a visual mark meant for immediate recognition. This visual should inspire things like trust, admiration, and loyalty to a brand. Yes, a logo is part of the whole branding process.

What is the purpose of a Logo?

A logo is just one aspect of a brand, whether that brand is for a major corporation, small business, or individual. It encompasses shapes, colors, typefaces/fonts, and images that will stand out and make itself memorable. 

The "five dollar logo"

For a cheap "five dollar" logo, you will get a canned already made something that the designer will download from a graphic site and simply update a bit to make you think you're getting something really sweet. It might work ok, or it might be crap. This is not even worth a designers time to do.

The Professional logo design

For a professionally designed (from scratch) logo that will be uniquely YOURS, there is a lot more to the process.

Our process:
1. The Questionnaire: We send out a questionnaire or interview with our client to find out what they want and what they're about.

2. Research: We will do research focused on your industry, your competitors, and what is already out there. We want to make something that will have you standing out... not looking just like that other company that does the same thing as you.

3. Reference: We will do research into logo designs that are successful and current styles and trends that are related to the information you gave us in the questionnaire.

4. Sketching & Concept: We develop the logo design concept(s) using the information from the questionnaire, our research, and reference finds. We use creativity and know how to design a logo (using specific software that we have to pay a monthly charge to have).

5. Reflection: We take breaks throughout our design process. This means we are usually at it for a day or so... thinking, creating, eating lunch, and allowing time for ideas to mature by maybe staring out the window for a bit. Then when we come back to our work we receive more feedback from our creative process.

6. Presentation: Then we choose which ideas and concepts to show to our client. Sometimes it may be only a few, but sometimes it may be more depending on the inspiration that came through us.

7. Revisions: Depending on what the client chooses, there are usually revisions and tweaks to make it just right.

8. Celebration: When the client says "OMG I love this!" we get really happy and maybe dance around our studio.

End note: OUR costs for creating this logo - the time for all of the above mentioned, Any time spend on the phone beyond email conversation, The cost of the computer that can handle this kind of work, the monthly cost of Adobe software, the monthly cost of an internet connection, and other costs associated with these creative essentials -  things like paper, paint, markers, and other apps and electronic needs.

Please contact me for any questions and other details that you might want to know about for this process.