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Complex Books

Books that fit into this category are things like Art/Photography books, cook books, and children's books. Illustrated memoirs and stories can also fall into this category.

These kinds of books require a more complex interior page design to create space for art, illustration, and photography to partner with beautiful typography and text. These books can be a variety of shapes and sizes, from small squarish books to large-format coffee table books, depending on what you choose to go with for your format. 

Full layout page design for two-page spreads all have something in common: they rely on images and page layout to get their message across. Each page needs careful consideration so that it communicates with the others. Text is combined with images, quotes, drawings, and more. It is important that type and pictures compliment each other. This is a language that is true for a photo book, travel book, children's book, and any other in this category.

For the reasons listed above, we will need to talk to discuss exactly what your book project is about and what you will need before price can be decided on. A 10 page layout is going to be very different than a 50 page layout.

Please contact me to chat and a custom quote will be created for your project.