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Card Decks

Card Decks can be a regular playing deck, tarot deck, or oracle deck. There are a number of different elements that go into designing and preparing these for print, and you may or may not need all of them. 


Just like the “complex books” category, we will need to chat and talk about exactly what your card deck project is about and what you will need before price can be decided on. A 20 card art deck with no book is going to be very different from a 72 card Tarot deck with a book and box.


Some questions to ask yourself if you are interested
in this kind of project:


• How many cards are going to be in my deck?


• What kind of card deck am I making? 

• Playing deck, oracle deck, tarot deck?


• What kind of art/images do I want on my deck?

• Am I making the art/images?

• Is someone else making the art/images for me? 

• Do I want to use stock photography or imagery? What is the fee?

• Do I understand about licensing work from an artist? 


• Am I going to need/want a guide book?

(Which will need to be designed and layed out)


• Am I going to need a box designed and layed out?


• Have I chosen to self-publish or do I need to choose a publisher?


There are a lot of questions to ask before starting a project like this! Make sure you take the time to think about all this and get clear on exactly what it is you want. Once you are at that point, you’ll be ready to work with someone like me to help you create and put it all together. Please contact me to chat and a custom quote will be created for your project.

(The card in the animation is "Magic" from my oracle card deck entitled The Language of Heart Alchemy.  I'm currently creating two more card decks of my own...)