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Custom Art/Illustration

Maybe you might be wanting a character painting or illustration
that is very specific to the story in your book. This isn't always the best choice for a book cover, but then sometimes it is! If this is the direction you're feeling is the right one for your book, then let's talk.


Pricing for a specific and complex character painting/illustration
art (painting, drawing, digital, or a mix of mediums) is dependent
on what the project will entail. This takes into account all the time
to research for the concept, time spent on creating a concept, creating sketches, creating final art, and all of our discussion time through phone/email, and the time it takes me to make any corrections and adjustments. This also includes a discussion on licensing rights for the artwork.

Creating original/custom art is a much larger commitment of time and creative energy than some simple photo manipulation.

If this is the path you're interested in, please contact me to talk, and a custom quote will be created for your project.