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Through the languages of typography, photography, layered imagery, and color, the journey of your written words will find their way into a visual experience for your potential buyer. This process is a collaboration between client and designer.

First - By the light of the moon
If you're an author, you've been living in a world that might have been created in a hermit cave. You step out... you see light... but you're a little timid. We're not that different, you and I. We both stare long hours at our glowing computer screens to make our creations come to life. Your manuscript is the result of long hours of work coupled with visions dancing in your head, and in order for me to help bring it to life visually, I need to understand your thinking and get an idea of what would appeal to your ideal reader. So without getting stuck in the matrix, I'll get a download on what you and your book are all about with a short questionnaire that you'll fill out. I'll be able to get a sense of what your book is about, some covers that inspire you, and any other preferences towards creating the experience of your cover.

Second - The moon kisses the sun
When I emerge from my design den, I'll present you with two to three concepts. When your face lights up at the one that is close to perfect, I'll take that base idea and work through any needed changes and edits which we will discuss. When we get to the final cover concept that has you beaming with happiness, we'll be bringing it outside of the cave into the light of day!

Third - The sun is rising!
I'll add any final brilliance needed to your cover, and additional marketing materials, package up your files and send them over to you! Then your shiny new baby will have a face to show to the world! Are you ready? 

Tips to get you started...

Are you ready to start thinking about your cover but not sure where to start? My post on the NaNoWriMo blog can get your thought process going!