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What's your story?

Your book is like a little package of experiences, put together for another to enjoy. This package needs a sign outside to tell people what is potentially inside for them… a mystery to solve? A romance to swoon over? A memoir that will bring on the tears? A drama, biography, travel adventure, or some other rollercoaster of emotional experience?


You’ve spent countless hours writing, crafting, and revising… probably by the intimate light of the moon. It’s time to give it a cover that speaks to the vision and helps your story see the bright light of the sun.


I’m Charlene, the creative force behind Kiss the Sun. You have a story to tell, a truth to share, or a message that needs to be distributed. The visual side of this process is just as important as the words, because it is what will capture the readers that are meant to pick up what you’re puttin’ down. This is where I come in. My creativity roots up from a lot of different places, and as a fine artist, illustrator, writer, singer, sushi lover, rider of the rollercoaster of life, and 20 years as a graphic designer I’m here to help you facilitate the visual story to partner with the written one.


As an author starting your journey you'll need more than just a cover... That's just the start, but you have to start somewhere.


Let’s create a package that will excite your potential readers eyes and capture their interest. It should be the first one they see on a bookstore shelf, or the most intriguing to get their attention online. Your people will run to the checkout line thinking, “I can’t wait to read this one... and when is the movie coming out?”